Unmarshal TOML parser dictionaries

Is there a easy way (or a package I am not aware of) to unmarshal dictionaries provided from the TOML parser https://github.com/wildart/TOML.jl into Julia types (struct) ?

https://github.com/lwabeke/Unmarshal.jl maybe (the original file format doesn’t really matter since the parsed result is used).

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Seems to work with TOML after a first quick check. Thanks!

It was/is always my intention to expand and test support for other syntax formats. I just have not had a chance to get around to it.

If you are using it with something other than the JSON.jl package, I would be interested in a PR to increase the test cases to help ensure that any future changes doesn’t break existing working integration.
And/or highlighting problem cases where the integration doesn’t work.