How to Clean Julia Directory, Registries, etc After Long Usage?

Hi all, I have been using Julia everyday, I understand why people love Julia lang… #MeToo

Thus, today I want to clean up things, where / which directories to clean? I am using Linux OS. Must be a lot of stacks that can be cleaned to free up more space right? I have installed almost 100 packages already.

I also have a problem, probably due to plotting a lot of graphs. I can’t plot anymore. Either using pyplot() or gr() as backend the plot window / gui does not comes out, I try with working codes and the window never shown again, but on REPL the codes run.

What to do to fix the plotting GUI/window problem? (I suspect this is due to the plot of step function I tried tremendously yesterday [x + 1/2]

The codes run without error or warning but the GUI/window is not showing (attachment below):
Capture d’écran_2022-09-13_15-43-49

For “cleaning up” things there’s the ]gc command in the Pkg REPL:

(jl_auRg37) pkg> ?gc
  gc [-v|--verbose] [--all]

  Free disk space by garbage collecting packages not used for a significant time. 
  The --all option will garbage collect all packages which can not be immediately 
  reached from any existing project. Use verbose mode for detailed output.

For a more thorough clean maybe look at:

I would encourage you to open a separate thread for plotting issues, which are unrelated to cleaning up Julia related directories - this is helpful for others who find these threads through searches later on.

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Alright thanks, I will open a separate thread for plotting problem.