How to change .julia folder location

Hey all,

Usually the .julia folder location is in the home directory of the current user.

I want to change that. But it for example on c:.julia. I read that therefore I have to change the global variable JULIA_DEPOT_PATH with

set JULIA_DEPOT_PATH="C:\.julia"

on windows. But that didn’t work.

How would I do that correctly?

How did you check whether it worked?

Note that setting the environment variable this way only effects the current session IIRC. So you need to start Julia from the same terminal. Otherwise you need to set the environment variable globally.


C:\Users\user>echo %JULIA_DEPOT_PATH%

and that:

(@v1.6) pkg> st
      Status `C:\Users\user\.julia\environments\v1.6\Project.toml` (empty project)

I think the second one should be different.

Oh :slight_smile: That makes sense.
That worked for me! Thanks