How to change CSS and remove double newline for @repl block in Documenter output?

Hello, I would like to make a couple of customisations to a Documenter output, more specifically when the @repl block is used:

  • setting padding-bottom and padding-top to 0.1rem instead of 0.7
  • remove the extra newline between one repl output and the next (currently there are 3 newlines, i.e. two empty lines)

I guess that for the first one I can add a CSS file but I don’t know how to tell Documenter to use it :wink: and for the second perhaps there is some template system, I can see it in the documentation but is it there an easier to digest tutorial ?
Or maybe I can just play with the CSS for it without touching the theme… all I need is to reduce the vertical space that currently is too large:

Any suggestion ?

That’s a bug and should’ve been fixed by Force code padding by pfitzseb · Pull Request #1774 · JuliaDocs/Documenter.jl · GitHub. Are you sure you are on Documenter 0.27.15?

yep, with 0.27.15 the problem got solved, tk!