How to change `annotate!` background color?

I’m trying to use Plots and annotate function to plot a numerical value onto the line.

annotate!(0, sin(0), text("0"))

It works not bad.

Furthermore, I want to put a text on the line with removing a part of a line on which to put a text.
I used a white square Unicode to fill a part of the line, and plot a text on it.

annotate!(0, sin(0), text("■", :white, 30))
annotate!(0, sin(0), text("0"))

Is there any more sophisticated way?
i.e. Control a background color of a text.

Late reply but I could not find an answer so I put together a short hack.

function annotatewithbox!(
		x::Real, y::Real, Δx::Real, Δy::Real = Δx;
	box = Plots.Shape(:rect)
	Plots.scale!(box, Δx, Δy)
	Plots.translate!(box, x, y)

	Plots.plot!(fig, box, c = :white, linestroke = :black, label = false; kwargs...)
	Plots.annotate!(fig, x, y, text)

There is definitely a better way to do it but it does the trick,

fig = plot(xlim = (-10, 10), ylims = (-10, 10))
annotatewithbox!(fig, text("hello how are you?!"), 2, 2, 4, 1)


FWIW, the workaround from @takuizum could be further improved by using a FULL BLOCK Unicode character instead of the BLACK SQUARE:

using Plots; gr()
fntcm = "Computer Modern"
fntsz = 12
default(fontfamily= fntcm)
str = "Hello Julia!"
n = length(str)
str0 = "█"^(n÷2+1)   # FULL BLOCK Unicode character
plot(sin, legend = false)
annotate!(0, sin(0), text(str0,:white, fntcm,fntsz+2))
annotate!(0, sin(0), text(str, fntcm,fntsz))