Annotations disappear when put on modified plot

This disscusion presents a way to use annotations to create a multi-colored title, but I have some issues creating annotations on plots that have been modified. Here is a minimal reproducible example using Julia 1.7.2.

using Plots
#gr() # The same issue is also present in the gr backend

function make_plot(X, Y, add_plot=true)

    p = plot()
    if add_plot
    tc = [:red, :black, :orange]
    for (i,s) in enumerate(["text", "with", "color"])
        annotate!(0.25*i , 0.5, text(s, tc[i], 18))
    return p

plot1 = make_plot([1], [1], true)
plot2 = make_plot([1], [1], false)
plot(plot1, plot2)


I would have expected the text to appear on top of the line, but instead it is nowhere. Any suggestions?

(PS: If anyone knows a better way to create a multi-colored title using pyplot btw, that would also be welcome.)

There is a problem with the X, Y coordinates in annotate!().
You can add the boolean variable add_plot to adjust these in both cases:

annotate!(add_plot + 0.25*i , add_plot + 0.5, text(s, tc[i], 18))
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Thanks! I did try various coordinates in my real plot, but I didn’t know if that was the problem or if there was something else going on, so I had given up. I found them when I tried again now though, so thanks. :slight_smile: