How to call arguments from outside of the scope

Hello is it possible to invoke a function to use variable from caller function scope using macros ? I think about sth like

function innerFunction()

function outerContext()
a = 4
@useOutArgs innerFunction()

macro useOutArgs(ex)
return esc(:($ex))


outerContext()#return a not defined - I would like for it to print 16

Now Is it possible to modify useOutArgs macro to print 16 without passing a to arguments ?

No - only variables of the scope the function is defined in are accessible. You can’t use variables of a “sibling scope”. This is unrelated to macros, as they only transform some code into some other code. Scope is a semantic concept, while macros operate only on syntax.

What are you trying to achieve in the grand scheme of things? Is there a reason you can’t pass the variable into the called function directly?


You could define the inner function inside the outer function and then it would have access to the variables of the outer function.


I have quite nested function a lot of times i need to pass the variable from top function through all intermidiate to the bottom (most nested) and in all of this passing frequently i mess the order of positional arguments as there is no possibility of named arguments, and arguments list become big part of a code

Use closures: Closures · JuliaNotes.jl

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