How to add values to vector with repeated indices?

I’ll explain my need with an example.

a = [1:5;]
indices = [1,1,3,3];
values = [2,3,4,5];

I need to add values to the original vector a as per the indices.
The solution for above example should be,

>>> [6,2,12,4,5]

I can do this with for loop. a[indices] += values doesn’t work (I get that). Is there any other way to do it?

This seems like a perfect use case for a for loop, I find it hard to imagine anything clearer. Why would you want to avoid a loop?

Not necessary. Was just curious if there are any functions like accumarray (matlab) in julia!

JuliaHub suggests:

But it looks pretty out of date.

Thank you! Guess I’ll stick to the for loop. It is better as you said.