How to add the path?

jill will:
  1) install Julia 1.8.0-rc1 for mac-x86_64 into /Applications
  2) make symlinks in /Users/zhangdeliang/.local/bin
You may need to manually add /Users/zhangdeliang/.local/bin to PATH

How to manually add /Users/zhangdeliang/.local/bin to PATH?

Open a terminal and

echo $SHELL

# if the output was /bin/zsh, check if you have a file in your home directory named ".zshrc"
# if that file doesn't exist, create it in your home directory with "touch .zshrc"
# then,
echo "export PATH=/Users/zhangdeliang/.local/bin:\$PATH" >> .zshrc
# exit terminal and start a new terminal and your path should be updated

# if your shell is /bin/bash, do the steps above for ".bashrc"