How to add a Julia path to my Terminal environment?

I just reinstalled my Mac OS and Julia 1.7. I’m trying to add the path to Julia to my terminal.

Below is the instructions I found:

Copy and paste these two commands into your shell:

rm -f /usr/local/bin/julia
ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/bin/julia

I got the below error:
ln: /usr/local/bin/julia: No such file or directory

Found an answer myself. I’ll keep this question for future reference purposes.

export PATH
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I just realize that for my above solution, I would need to type it every time before I launch Julia. What is a permanent solution?

I tried to add the below to my .profile file but it did not work:
export JULIA_HOME = /Applications/

Many thanks!

You would need to update the PATH in your shell profile.

For the ln -s approach, you might need to create the /usr/local/bin directory first, and you might need to use sudo (which requests that you enter your password):

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
sudo ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/bin/julia
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Many thanks! This works great.