How to Add, Build and Precompile Package that is downloaded from github in Julia?

I was adding this package:

using Pkg
Pkg.add(PackageSpec(url="", rev="master"))

it is cloning the github and build it and precompile it.

If I download a package (any Julia package form github) in zip, how to add it, precompile and build ?

For example this DynamicalSystems:

can I just download from the github and do some commands to make it build and precompile based on the zip that I downloaded? Do I need to download the dependencies packages related to DynamicalSystems too?

You can just do Pkg.add("path/to/downloaded/directory") and Pkg will add the package, download dependencies from its Project.toml file and be good to go.

If you intend to edit the package code locally, you can also use so that it stays in sync with your changes.

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I want to know is it possible to add (offline) the whole package’ dependencies from bottom food chain that has no dependency ? so no need to download dependencies.