How should I account for measurement resolution (particularly in Measurements.jl)?

Hi all!

So I’m manipulating some data for my Master’s thesis. I integrated Unitful.js to keep track of the units of measure. Now I stumbled upon Measurements.jl to account for uncertainty propagation in my analysis. According to the documentation, when I want to create a value, I need to supply the value and the uncertainty, “assumed to be a standard deviation”.

I don’t understand what this means: that parameter must be the standard deviation, or can I supply other measures of error (for instance, the instrument’s resolution)? In general, how should I account for my measurement instrument’s resolution in Julia?

To give a bit more of context: I am measuring the electrical power consumption of a processor. The instrument gives me a CSV of (time (s), voltage (V) and current (A)), each one with a distinct resolution.
Idea 1: should I use Measurements.jl here, supplying the resolution as the err?
Then I compute the power (P = V * I), the mean and stddev.
Idea 2: should I use Measurements.jl here, supplying the power stddev as the err?