How much does it cost you to run your Julia experiments on AWS / Azure etc.?

I am in the process of scoping the budget for a project that I want to embark on which will involve large-scale 3D reconstruction from satellite images. I will need more than my desktop PC to handle the memory requirements and to the expedite computational time required to solve the large scale non-linear least squares “bundle adjustment” optimization problems associated with multiple-view image reconstruction.

I know that some of you (in particular Economists) regularly use Julia and cloud computing to conduct large-scale simulations for your experiments. I believe some of those experiments even run for a matter of days. I would be grateful if you could share some of your experiences with running Julia in the cloud, and in particular the ballpark costs associated with running your experiments.

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For me, Hetzner offers a great value with a variety of options, especially as an American because I’m exempt from the VAT.

They have dedicated servers starting at 34 euros per month with a recent i7 or Ryzen and 64GB RAM. Their cloud instances are also good because they charge by the hour and have a simple API for spinning them up with up to 16 virtual cores and 32GB of RAM per instance.



European experience:

  • Hetzner dedicated is OK ; but need an extra month payment for as a frontend … ( ZEN2 and Intel cores ; full machine) … Not ideal for high parallel ( 50 machine ) + short time experiment ( 3 days )
  • Hetzner Cloud - cheap ; but shared CPU … so not perfect for high CPU works ( my experience )

Now for personal testing I am using the extreme cheap Contabo ( Europe )

  • 15 EUR/month 30GB ; 800GB SSD; 8cores (" VPS L SSD")
    ( my preference was a high SSD ; high RAM for the data processing )

And you have to compare/check the value with the they improve the service very fast pace …


Thank you both for the fantastic advice. I really appreciate you taking the time.