How do you use RadixSort in the Julia v1.9?

using Base.Sort: RadixSort;
x = rand(100)
sort(x, alg=RadixSort())

This should sort x but is giving me the error and I don’t understand the issue here. Also, the doc doesn’t currently list RadixSort yet Sorting and Related Functions · The Julia Language

ERROR: ArgumentError: mn is needed but has not been computed
 [1] _mn(v::Vector{Float64}, o::Base.Order.ForwardOrdering, kw::NamedTuple{(:scratch, :lo, :hi), Tuple{Nothing, Int64, Int64}})
   @ Base.Sort .\sort.jl:430
 [2] _sort!(v::Vector{Float64}, a::RadixSort, o::Base.Order.ForwardOrdering, kw::NamedTuple{(:scratch,), Tuple{Nothing}})
   @ Base.Sort .\sort.jl:924
 [3] sort!(v::Vector{Float64}; alg::RadixSort, lt::Function, by::Function, rev::Nothing, order::Base.Order.ForwardOrdering, scratch::Nothing)
   @ Base.Sort .\sort.jl:1374
 [4] sort(v::Vector{Float64}; kws::Base.Pairs{Symbol, RadixSort, Tuple{Symbol}, NamedTuple{(:alg,), Tuple{RadixSort}}})
   @ Base.Sort .\sort.jl:1400
 [5] top-level scope
   @ c:\git\SortingLab\test\tests.jl:8