How do we know if a registeration attempt succeeded?

If I $ git commit -am "@JuliaRegistrator register()" for one of my packages (namely COBS.jl), how do I know if my registration attempt succeeded? I understand that I’ll get an issue if things didn’t work, but is there supposed to be some immediate feedback if things do work?

I expect my attempt to actually fail because the name is shorter than 5 letters. Nevertheless, no issues were posted by Registrator.jl, so obviously I’m doing something wrong…

Registrator does not react to commit messages.


So I need to issue an issue with some random title but with @JuliaRegistrator register() in the message?


Thats one option. Most people comment on the commit though, e.g. like this:


I like that I have a new issue titled: new revision. Optimally you can agree with your coauthors before initiating registrator and can have todo lists etc.

That a good point. ha.