How do I use functions in a project that are not registered in a package online

I want to run code: Software.SEG2021/WavefieldRecoveryUQ.jl at main · slimgroup/Software.SEG2021 · GitHub
There was an error when I ran code test_hint_interpolation.ji in WavefieldRecoveryUQ:ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: put_params!not defined

But ConditionalNFs4Imaging is not registered online. How can I use it?

I have tried the following:Git was used to download it locally

Then use
Found the UUID of ConditionalNFs4Imaging

Add its UUID to the project

Then package ConditionalNFs4Imaging was added in the project WavefieldRecoveryUQ.
But it’s still the same mistake.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by doing


Thank you,is that right

Or this?

He could have if it had been a package, but it’s not (no UUID in Project.toml).

If you want your local changes to have effect you want to develop rather than add.

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I may be able to find a solution to this problem and those of you who need it can discuss it with me

Start by downloading it locally via Git

And then include put_param’s path to E:\Julia1\Software.SEG2021\WavefieldRecoveryUQ.jl\src\WavefieldRecoveryUQ.jl