How do I rebuild PyCall in Pluto

I have to change my Python to run a specific version. I know I have to rebuild PyCall but I am doing something wrong. I have used PyCall using Pluto’s internal Pkg manager but when I run the cell“PyCall”)

I get

UndefVarError: Pkg not defined
    top-level scope@Local: 1

What am I doing wrong please?

here’s the Pluto code

using PyCall"PyCall")

Did you remember to do

using Pkg

before calling


You were right @magister-ludi I hadn’t RUN the cell. I’m still getting used to the Pluto interface so I must have just typed it in and then clicked on another cell. I just ran the build and it worked. Thanks for helping a dullard out, I’ll just stop doing anything and binge watch Silicon Valley. Thanks again

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