How do I deprecate a package?

I have decided that it does not make sense anymore to maintain Dopri.jl. All use cases are covered (much better) by the DifferentialEquations.jl ecosystem.

How do I deprecate the package? So far I have:

  • Put a notice on the README
  • Set the repository to archived
  • What else?

Set an upper bound to supported julia versions


E.g. julia 0.5 0.6? (I am not even sure if it worked on 0.6 :man_shrugging:)

Yes. The upper bound should be excluded, so it should be completely fine even if it didn’t work on 0.6

Remember you have also to tag a new release to make this change effective :sweat_smile: I’d also suggest to print a warning whenever loading the package, suggesting to move to differentalequations

Actually it’s not necessary to tag a new release. Instead, just send a PR to metadata to add the upper bound to all released versions of the package.