Where to PR unlisted deprecations?

Upgrading my package to Julia 1.0 I noticed two deprecations:

conv: Which Julia 0.7 kindly told me had now moved to DSP.jl


readdlm: Again, Julia 0.7 told me that readdlm is deprecated and moved to the library DelimitedFiles

However, looking at the NEWS.md for relase0.7 and release1.0 branches there is no mention of the conv deprecation and regarding the readdlm deprecation the release0.7 NEWS.md states that:

readcsv(io[, T::Type]; opts...) has been deprecated in favor of readdlm(io, ','[, T]; opts...) (#23530).

Where the issue it points to doesn’t seem to say conclusively how it was resolved. And clearly from the Julia 0.7 warning and Julia 1.0 error, it seems that it’s not the case. So the only place to know where these two functions have moved is to load up a Julia 0.7 REPL.

I’m not a master git user or Julia commiter but I’d like to be a good citizen and put in a PR in the suitable place. Is the correct procedure to put in a PR with an amended NEWS.md on branch release0.7? Or is there somewhere with a more comprehensive list of deprecations that I just didn’t know about?


Edit: add mean to this, deprecated but I can only seem to find out where it’s moved to by dropping down to the Julia 0.7 repl

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Very nice of you, @moustachio-belvedere. The one issue is it’s not clear there are going to be additional 0.7 releases. Though I don’t see why we can’t add things to NEWS.md on that branch, since people often access that file online. If no one else chimes in here, you might try making the PR against that branch as you outlined, and see what others say.

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