How do I change the default location for animation files in Javis?

When I render a Javis animation, it creates a animation file in the same folder as the code file. Is there a way to change something so that all of my animation files are made in one location, such as a folder just for my animations (I know that live preview is a thing)?

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Hey @BinChicken42 :wave:

Javis co-creator here and thanks for using Javis!
If I understand you correctly, you want one folder for code and another folder for animations.
To do this, just create another folder wherever on your computer and then provide that in the name of the file like this:

render(your_video; pathname = "path/to/your_animations/animation.gif")

Here the path to your animation folder is path/to/your_animations/ where each word is a folder.
animation.gif is the name of the animated file.

Here is the same example on a Windows computer:

render(your_video; pathname = "C:\Users\johndoe\Downloads\animation.gif")

Which renders the animation.gif file into a user’s Downloads folder (in this case, the user johndoe).

Does that answer your question?

Yes thankyou!

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