How can I restart ElectronDisplay?

I run

using ElectronDisplay

in my program, and the charts produced appear in a nice window outside of VSCode.

If I run my program by selecting all the code and hitting Ctrl+Enter the REPL window stays open after the program finishes its execution. I can then execute more code in the same REPL window. However, if the additional code generates charts those charts do not show up in the ElectronDisplay window, but appear in the Plot Navigator.

Is there a way to make the additional charts appear in the ElectronDisplay window? I tried running again using ElectronDisplay but that did not help.

You can try to turn off “Julia: Use Plot Pane” in vscode and see if it helps. Do you have the same behavior using a repl outside vscode?

I must confess I did not believe turning off “Julia: Use Plot Pane” in vscode would work. I tried it anyway and it does work. Problem solved.

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