How can I read an excel named table in Julia?

Is there a way to read an excel named table in Julia?
By “excel named table” I mean the object that is created in office excel you go insert → table (it is different that a named cell range)
I have tried all julia excel packages but I can’t make it work.

I guess this is the package that people use to read Excel files: Home · XLSX.jl

(I don´t know if you tried it and if it solves your specific problem)

Thanks for the suggestion, but I have tried it and I have not found the way to do it.

Could you explain what exactly you are trying to do, what the output is, and how it is different from what you are expecting? I’m not a massive Excel user but I thought a named table is just a regular table except you can refer to it by name in Excel formulas, but for just reading out the data into some other program (eg Julia) I don’t see how that makes it different from any other table?

Here is my use case for being able to reading Excel tables rather than Excel sheets.

Often times I’ll use cells that are adjacent to the Excel table as comments or notes when I am working on the sheet. I’d like for these comments to not be available during an export. You can also have two tables in a single sheet.

As an Excel user, there is a difference to me about what a “table” is and what a “sheet” is, and ideally I’d like this api to be exposed in the corresponding Julia libraries that have Excel read/write functionality.

Here is functionality that a python package: openpyxl provides regarding Excel tables: Worksheet Tables — openpyxl 3.1.2 documentation