How can I import my JuliaFormatter.jl config to LanguageServer.jl?

I am trying to make the formatting onsave work for doom emacs after upgrading it to the latest version. At this moment the language server is doing the formatting but I miss my old config that I used with JuliaFormatter.jl. I have a .JuliaFormatter.toml in my parent dir of my package but it seems that the LanguageServer,jl is not seeing this.

It looks like this is an intended behaviour according to this. I cannot find any information about a config file in the LanguageServer.jl docs for formatting.

How should I pass my formatting config options to LanguageServer.jl? Is there a way for LanguageServer.jl to read my .JuliaFormatter.toml?

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I had the .JuliaFormatter.toml in the parent directory of my package. Copying it into the /src folder alongside my code fixed my issue.

This seems to be maybe a bug of LanguageServer.jl because they state that they search up the directories to find a .JuliaFormatter.toml.