Having latest `LanguageServer.jl` version to use formatter in Julia VSCode extension

I use the JuliaFormatter in VSCode as part of the Julia extension. It works OK, but it has up until recently had broken formatting when doing a selection - forcing me to have to format the entire file and pick out my changes, which is very tedious.

Recently this was fixed in the LanguageServer. Which is great, but I’d like to check this out and start using it ASAP.

How can I check out this version of the language server and update my VSCode extension to use it? Or do I have to wait for a full release that incorporates this change?

EDIT: just realised that you are asking about the LanguageServer part, not the latest version of VS Code Julia extension. Anyway…

  1. Go to Releases · julia-vscode/julia-vscode · GitHub
  2. Click on “Assets” under the tagged version you want.
  3. Download the *.vsix file: e.g. language-julia-1.40.1.vsix
  4. In VS Code, run command “Extensions: Install from VSIX…”
  5. Select the download for install.

See also: Managing Extensions in Visual Studio Code

What do I do if the change I am wanting is not part of a tagged release? In the link above I am referring to an MR that was merged to master of the LanguageServer.jl repo just a week or so ago.

I don’t know the official way, but one way if you just want to test immediately (obviously highly fragile and hacky) is to update the relevant code in the LanguageServer package code bundled in the VS Code extension. On my system it’s at


From what I can tell it’s identical as is to the master branch on GitHub.

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I’ll have a play around with that, thanks. I’ll hopefully update readers with any findings I have.