Hijri calendar

I could not find any implementations of Hijri calendar. I think it would be good to have support for it, since it is one of the most commonly used calendars in the world. But I am new to Julia, so I do not how to go about it. Should I create a new package? Or maybe this has to be added to core Julia?

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Recomendation is always to start developing in an (external) package. And maybe later this is integrated into Standard Library. Impact on core Julia should not be needed.

While googling i learned Java8 has an implementation in the Dates and Time API, maybe you read this first (or use JavaCall.jl)


Thanks for the suggestion. I have found this Python package:

Do you think this is reasonable alternative? I am thinking of implementing it in Julia. I could also take a look at that Java API, although I do not know any Java, so I do not expect much from myself.

The caveats listed on the Python package seem pretty bad.

If the calendar is built into Java8, that’s probably a better direction to look. Java’s libraries are mature.


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Thanks. I will see if I can do anything.