Date systems supported in Julia

I’m new to Julia. I have a task that involves lots of dates from all sorts of date systems: Hebrew, Islamic, Gregorian, Julian, Mayan, Persian, Indian Civil Calendar, French Republic Calendar with the goal of converting to a date in the Julian Day calendar format. I have been unable to find the date system used in Julia. Thus, the questions!

  • What calendar system is the default in Julia?
  • Are any date conversions from one of the above list to another of the above list present in Julia?

According to the docs, julia’s Dates “are based on the ISO 8601 standard, which follows the proleptic Gregorian calendar.”

Also there is datetime2julian (and julian2datetime).

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ISO 8601 is a good calendar. Thanks! Might you know if anyone is working on a Hebrew-to-Julia’s Dates conversion tool?