Help! how to remove all packages for Julia1.4?

I installed Julia1.4 and was adding various needed packages, but CMake failed – it could not find wget/curl.

In trying to fix this, I seemed to have broken things badly: following various rm/add/upgrade/etc,“CMake”) is clearly doing nothing, and other packages that depend on it say that cmake is not installed. I did manually remove a downloads/ directory inside CMake (that was referred to in one of the error messages), that probably did not help.

Anyway, I would like to remove all 1.4 packages and start over, but without removing any packages for older julia versions. How can I do this?
(There is a project that uses a prevous julia and works and needs to keep working…)

See discussion here:

thanks. Catalina is not the problem however - I am on Mojave 10.14.

I did not upgrade yet because a different app that I use is 32bit only.

I wasn’t referring to Catalina, you have to read the entire post.
If you run the following in utilities on a mac:
rm -rf ~/.julia
it will automatically remove all packages

I was hoping to avoid that, but yes, it was a good solution in the end

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