Heatmap-Images: Are there 32-bit Tiffs with negative or floating point values?


Dear community,

I am new to Julia and so far was unable to find an answer to my problem: I am trying to generate heatmaps to locate signal changes in an image stack. My signal cannot only increase, but also decrease. Accordingly, I could have negative values.

In Fiji/ImageJ 32bit Tiffs can encode floating point numbers and negative values.

Is there any chance to do generate Tiffs with floating point numbers and negative values?

I mean, yes, I could calculate some “normalisation” to make sure all values are between 0 and 1 so I could clamp it to the range of the tiff, but I’d rather prevent that, because it makes interpretation more difficult for other people.

Thank you in advance for your help.



You can do it with GMT. See this example Instead of the @tut_relief.nc you would use your own grid (because Tiff floats are grids, not images)