Gurobi.jl not released for 1.0 yet?

(v1.0) pkg> add Gurobi
Cloning git-repo Gurobi
ERROR: Git repository not found at ‘Gurobi’

Gurobi is working fine on 1.0 for me. I bet you have a local directory called “Gurobi” and Pkg finds that first, instead of resolving with the registered package Gurobi. But your local directory is not a git repo, hence the error.

Try renaming your local “Gurobi” directory to something else and then run the add command again.

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This confusion will likely be avoided in the next Pkg release (


Gurobi is definitely officially released for 1.0, and has been for at least a few weeks.

Thanks! I did have a local directory named “Gurobi”, which was used to host the licence file. Your suggestion solved my problem!