Guide for good programming style in Julia

I am looking for a guide that focuses on programming style in Julia. I understand how to write functions, use types, the syntax etc., but I look for a guide that focuses on questions like:

When I start a project with many files, how do I organize them? How should I include functions? How should I make sure that functions can call other functions? How do I organize the input/output of functions efficiently?

It would be a great help, if there was a compact source that answers these kind of questions.

Thank you very much!


Have you read through

in the Julia documentation?


It is customary to put projects in packages. PkgDev.generate will create a nice skeleton for your source and tests.

For include and module organization, see the documentation.

For “how can I make sure” questions, the answer is usually a unit test.

For examples on big structured packages look at Images.jl, DifferentialEquations.jl, Jump.jl, POMDPs.jl …
It would be good to have a list of the good style choices of those packages.


Personally I think the Documenter.jl package is very well designed, using many different modules:

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