Gtk open_dialog



Hi all!
Does anyone else have a problem with Gtk.open_dialog?
I’ve submitted an issue, but wanted to reach out to other people that have used this function and hear what their experience is like.
Here’s the gist of my issue:

Out of the following three only number #1 works:

  1. julia> open_dialog("Pick a file")
  2. julia> include("a_file_with_open_dialog_in_it.jl")
  3. $ julia a_file_with_open_dialog_in_it.jl

Pressing Cancel or Open in the other two scenarios doesn’t do anything, the dialog window is just stuck.


It works fine on OS X for me. Maybe try to add some prints in the function to see at which point it gets stuck (probably in run).


Right you are, @jonathanBieler. Line #82 gets stuck.

Curiously, adding a println("something") before that line “fixes the problem” and everything works fine. Does that tell you anything about what’s going on?


Gtk is somehow linked to Julia’s task system so it might have something to do with it. At some point I had a a similar issue on Windows (I just gave up windows support). What happens if you put yield() instead of print ?

This might be the same issue (g_sigatom gets called way more than on OS X):


Putting yield() before line 82 works! I’ll add my report of this behavior to that issue. Thanks a ton for the help!