Grouping plots to be able to overwrite them with new data

When visualising 3D data I would like to keep some geometrical structures fixed (plotted with a series of functions mesh!), while to be able to overwrite a set of plots made with lines!, text!, etc. with new data. Is it possible to define a plot set that I can delete before plotting the new data?

Do you have to delete them? You could also update the input observables of those plots. You can also delete with delete!

Thanks, but I do not know how the observables work. Any pointer to documentation or examples?
In my case new data comes with a variable number of lines and text. This is the reason I want to group them to issue a delete! of the previous data group and create new plots with the new data.

BTW, I do not even know how to use delete!. Perhaps is something obvious, but.
If I do

fig = Figure(resolution=(2048,2028))
 s = LScene(fig[1,1])
p = lines!(s, ...)

I get

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching delete!(::Lines{Tuple{Vector{Point{3, Float32}}}})

What observables are is explained here for example