Grouped boxplot -

I have a 3D array (24×3×3 Array{Float64,3}) as follows:

How can I plot a grouped boxplot for x as shown in the following figure?

There’s a groupedboxplot recipe with the same syntax as grouped histograms

Hi mkborregaard,

Thank you for your reply.

The groupedboxplot was not be able to represent the 3D array.
According to the above figure, the sizes of x, y and z should be 2, 24 and 3, respectively. Therefore, let’s consider the random 3D array structure as rand(2,24,3). Here, using the groupedboxplot(rand(2,24,3)) just plotting x and y but neglecting z. (sorry I could not upload the figure as I am a new user. Can you please try it and see the results of groupedboxplot(rand(2,24,3))?)

Thank you again for your cooperation, and I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.

I tried the following code and it sounds that it does not result any grouping.

using Plots
using StatsPlots

x = rand(2,24,3)
x1 = x[:,:,1]

groupedboxplot(x, bar_position = :dodge, bar_width=0.7)
groupedboxplot(x1, bar_position = :dodge, bar_width=0.7)

Any suggestion to end up with a grouped boxplot?

You can’t use 3-d arrays - the easiest is to put the dataset in long format (x, y, group)

I still confused. Could you please help to provide a piece of code for that?