Group profiling flame graph tiles

An integration + optimization code I’m working on generates flame graphs like this one, which are very hard to parse. Indeed, the same underlying function is called by several different lines of the code, so even if I spend lots of time in it, this time is spread across the many columns of tiles.
Is there a way to get rid of the call stack hierarchy and instead group by function? Or do I have to use the text-based Profile interface instead?

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I think the answer is to group sections of code with

I think this is just a limitation of FlameGraphs. Personally, to get around this I tend to use VSCode’s inbuilt profiler which annotates the source code itself with time spent thereby grouping by source line. Alternatively, I think StatProfileHTML or PProf can group by function.

What do you mean by the built-in profiler?

Sorry, I meant this Profiler · Julia in VS Code ( The thing you get when you use @profview in the REPL.

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