Gridap uses in Industry

Hi Guys

I have been messing around with Gridap lately, it is a very nice well built package. I am currently a practicing engineer designing complex machines. In general I have used Julia (previously Matlab/Octave) to solve differential equations which I have derived to represent machines. I am currently the only one doing this sort of stuff in our office, I find a great deal of value in it compared to using FEA software for everything.

I was interested to know if anyone has used Gridap for for actual engineering work in industry as opposed to academic usage. I’ve asked this question in several other forums without any responses, which I think is due to most engineers using commercially available software.

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I am attempting to use Gridap, but I have not yet been successful. This is not because my employer cares, but rather because I am having trouble coding up my problem (although I am close). I was never trained as a programmer, and this is slowing things down.