Graph visualisation in Julia


Hi All!

I am trying to generate some Watts- Strogatz graphs in julia and I have a problem of a picture not showing up anywhere.
I generated a network and tried to plot it using gplot(), but instead of a picture I get something that seems to be a description of a graph (pic. below). There were no errors/ warnings during compilation


I tried running the code in Juno & Shell with similar results, but it works in Jupyter, so the code itself is probably fine.

Do you have some ideas as to where the problem is?

many thanks!


gplot outputs a composition that can be interpreted in many environments (like iterm+TerminalExtensions, or Jupyter, for example). If you’d like to save the visualization to a file, what you want to do is this:

using Compose

draw(SVG("mygraph.svg", 4cm, 4cm), gplot(g))


Thanks! That explains a lot. But do you know how to visualize graphs without saving them to a file (i.e. make them appear in a separate window)? I’d like to see how my network evolves over time and it would be a lot easier that way.


It depends very much on the environment you’re using. As you showed, Jupyter can handle gplot natively. So can iTerm + TerminalExtensions.jl. VSCode does it as well. Not sure about other IDEs/environments.


Now it’s Juno. I could probably switch to something else, but I quite like it. So if there is a function/library I could use instead, it would be great


Gadfly should work:

julia> using Gadfly, GraphPlot

julia> g = graphfamous("karate")
{34, 78} undirected simple Int64 graph

julia> gplot(g)