GPIO and robotics hints please

I have a Jetson Nano board, which is ARM architecture and can accept Respberry Pi peripherals.
The SenseHat looks nifty
However the GPIO setup and drivers look extremely specific to the Pi
I have installed this from GitHub but cant make much progress.
Before anyone says it, the Nano is aarch64 and the Pi is 32 bit… I may be fooling myself that this can be made to work.
Any references to GPIO work with Julia gratefully received.

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Back when I was a PhD student I did a lot of work with experimental readouts using CAMAC and FASTBUS.
I am starting to realise that GPIO work on Linux might be quite complicated as all the boards are different.
IT does not help that the SenseHat is documented for people running Python programs on the Raspberry PI. I need to find some lower level documentation.