Google search console verification in Franklin.jl generated site

I have been trying to verify my personal website made using Franklin.jl on the google search console platform but for some reason both of the two feasible methods don’t work:

  1. Meta tag in the head part of the site is not recognized (I put it in _layout/head.html).
  2. Uploading the .html file given for verification in the home of my website generates a folder in the final website which contains the file as index.html inside it.

Is there any way I can solve any one of these problems? Thanks.

Hello @JaydevSR this is an easy way to do it, you just need to indicate to Franklin to “leave the path” as it is so that it doesn’t generate a folder. Here are the steps:

  1. place the file googleXYZ012....html at the base of your website folder (what you did)
  2. indicate to Franklin that it should leave that file path “exactly as is”, by adding this in your
keep_path = ["googleXYZ012...html"]

the keep_path variable indicates files whose path Franklin should leave exactly as is. Let me know if that works for you

PS: the meta tag approach should have worked as well and what you did was the right way to do it. It might take some time to propagate, not sure. In any case the above should work (and that’s what I recall doing for another website)

I works! Thank you very much.