GLTF + Julia (and Makie)

Is anyone aware of any work out there where GLTF files are used with Julia? I’m aware of GLTF.jl which seems to be the ticket for loading the data, though its most recent commit was in 2021 which makes me a bit wary. My main use case will be to visualize the content of GLTF files (or some subset thereof) in GLMakie so I’m hoping there’s some code out there where this has been done, or if not Makie perhaps something comparable.

Have never used it, what kind of data do you get when you load such a file? If it’s a mesh description it should be usable with mesh no?

To my understanding gltf is meant to encode full 3D scenes, so potentially multiple meshes and cameras. The meshes themselves have a bunch of stuff Makie can’t handle (yet) or only handle to a degree like materials, skinning/skeletons and animations. There is an overview infographic here: GitHub - KhronosGroup/glTF: glTF – Runtime 3D Asset Delivery

I’ve played around a little bit with gltf because I wanted to try to implement skinning/skeletons but I didn’t end up doing much. I used JSON back then

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