GLMakie plotting in VSCode?


I just updated my project’s dependencies and suddenly GLMakie displays my interactive plots in VSCode’s plot pane. Both Makie and GLMakie are at the latest versions. Was there any change as to how VSCode or GLMakie treats GLMalkie Screens ?

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Basically, this MWE used to open a window, now it does not if you enter this in VSCode’s REPL:

julia> Pkg.activate(temp=true)
  Activating new project at `C:\Users\Henri\AppData\Local\Temp\jl_KqLPC6`

julia> Pkg.add("GLMakie"); using GLMakie; lines(rand(10))

It still opens a window if used in a standard terminal like powershell.

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That’s actually amazing :heart_eyes: Thanks for making me discover it

Okay thank you. I don’t mind the change really but I think a warning message on package loading could be a simple way to tell users that this is not a bug. Because there’s no reason to interpret that as an intended change. It would also avoid you the burden of the many of us asking the question :s

I too noticed this. Thanks for explanation, @sdanisch . As some people mentioned in the GitHub issue, this is undesired behaviour when your plot is interactive. I notice you suggest a solution:

You can force it to always open a window by either disabling the plotpane or running GLMakie.activate!(inline=false)

Placing GLMakie.activate!(inline=false) directly before fig = Figure() fixed the issue for me. Thanks again.