GLMakie. How to choose a specific GPU?

If I’m using GLMakie on a system with multiple GPUs, how can I select a specific GPU unit for rendering?

GLMakie using OpenGL as backend, as far as I know it’s not based on GPU.

GLMakie is the native, desktop-based backend, and is the most feature-complete. It requires an OpenGL enabled graphics card with OpenGL version 3.3 or higher.

if you want to use GPU as backend , you can use WGLMakie

WGLMakie is the web-based backend, which is mostly implemented in Julia right now. WGLMakie uses JSServe to generate the HTML and JavaScript for displaying the plots. On the JavaScript side, we use ThreeJSand WebGL to render the plots.

WebGL unify all GPU source.

Hm… but

It requires an OpenGL enabled graphics card

means that you need GPU.

No, GLMakie uses the GPU via OpenGL…
OpenGL is global state based, so you need to use your OS + driver to switch gpus.
I don’t know any good tutorial explaining this for every OS, but I think if you google how to start OpenGL on a specific GPU for a certain process, you should get good results.

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Yeah! Thanks