GLMakie crashes during build on Google Colab

GLMakie fails to build on Google Colab notebook:

Precompiling GLMakie
✗ GLFW_jll
Info Given GLMakie was explicitly requested, output will be shown live
ERROR: LoadError: InitError: could not load library “/root/.julia/artifacts/37dda4e57d9de95c99d1f8c6b3d8f4eca88c39a2/lib/”

Notebook minimal code: Google Colab

I tried various workarounds for installing libGL to no avail
I need GLMakie because CairoMakie can’t do 3d volume plots

Did you try WGLMakie?

Yes but WGLMakie says

Can’t get three: Timed out waiting for session to get ready

Hm, maybe WGLMakie doesn’t work with the display system on Colab

Yeah needs to reconfigure ports probably

Anyone who’s gotten GLMakie or WGLMakie to work on Colab?
I updated the minimal notebook showing errors for both

As workaround I’ll just download the workload results and visualize them on my laptop. . But would be nice if someone figures this out