[GitHub.jl] Getting the list of languages from a github repository

I am a bit lost on how to make a custom request to the GitHub API to get the list of languages of a repo. Any idea?

The API link is here: Repositories - GitHub Docs

Not using GitHub API, but PackageAnalyzer can do that: Home · PackageAnalyzer.jl.

Also, depending on your use case you don’t need github API to get their language count, you can directly run linguist locally: GitHub - github/linguist: Language Savant. If your repository's language is being reported incorrectly, send us a pull request!

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Thanks, @giordano ! I did not know PackageAnalyzer, but this is great. I might use it for other stuff …
Linguist doesn’t fit the bill as I don’t plan to clone the repositories.

My exact use case is for the StaticWebPages.jl package that generates a website. One of the features is to show off some GitHub repositories (example here: Baffier: software)
So, the list of languages available through the API would be the best (and do not require additional dependencies, which is always nice)