Getting packages into Julia Observer

Are there some extra steps a package devloper has to take to make their package show up on juliaobserver? Didn’t know about it before and my package (IOLogging) doesn’t seem to show up there…

Yes, there is additional work load:

see down where data is pulled from.
E.g. to be placed into a category I used

Unfortunately PRs seem to be delayed (22days currently for NormalizeQuantiles).

Well that’s unfortunate, my first thought was that they’d monitor METADATA.jl for new packages - since it doesn’t, it doesn’t really seem to be suitable for looking up julia packages…

I think the idea is that it monitors METADATA. cc @djsegal

currently pulls data from:

If you want more, like putting your package into a category, there is more to do.

Well, my package certainly is registered (here) but doesn’t show up in JuliaObserver, whereas this package that’s been merged into METADATA.jl after mine does show up in JuliaObserver.

This is getting a little OT though, maybe this discussion should be branched out into its own thread?

So I don’t know why, but the Github API shows that your package has no contributors:

Currently, Julia Observer treats all packages without contributors as corrupted :confused:

I’m guessing the API needs a little longer than 2 weeks now to add you to the queue?

// probably due to a confluence of internal filters and stuff at *MICROSOFT*

No, that may very well be my doing - I’m using the noreply notification email address from github as email identifier in commits. That way github knows who I am, but my email doesn’t actually leak from github. It is curious that github can correlate that email, but doesn’t show that through the api. Probably because you’re not supposed to actually send anything to that mail address.

Is there a way to get my package up on julia observer without having to change my git commit email?