Github Dependency Graphs

Currently, to my knowledge, Github’s dependency graphic tool does not work with Julia packages because the manifest is not one of the supported types listed here ( From my understanding of the ecosystem, I feel it wouldn’t be that hard to implement this for Julia packages. What would go into making that happen, and is there interest in doing so?


One issue is that most people do not check in the Manifest.toml for public-use packages. So, you could only go one level deep using the Project.toml files. Perhaps maybe you could do it recursively based on the Project.toml files, but then that seems rather complicated.

:grimacing: I’m not supposed to do this? I should add Manifest.toml to .gitignore for my packages?


If you want to have problems with CI every now and then, no :slightly_smiling_face: :troll:

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JuliaHub for example does show dependencies and reverse dependencies for each package in General.