Getting variables defined with "global"


Hi fellows,

I am having difficulty getting the globally defined variables within a module.

Here is an example:

module DFT
           global a
           export f

                           DFT   1540 bytes  Module
                             f      0 bytes  DFT.#f

:a is not present in the output.


What about names(DFT, true)?

help?> names
search: names fieldnames dirname tempname fullname basename TypeName fieldname module_name getsockname gethostname

  names(x::Module, all::Bool=false, imported::Bool=false)

  Get an array of the names exported by a Module, excluding deprecated names. If all is true, then the list also includes non-exported names defined in the module, deprecated names, and compiler-generated names. If imported is true, then
  names explicitly imported from other modules are also included.

  As a special case, all names defined in Main are considered "exported", since it is not idiomatic to explicitly export names from Main.

If you look at the implementation of whos, [ perhaps with @edit whos() ], you’ll see it calls names() without the optional arguments. So there’s an opportunity for you to customise whos, or perhaps a PR with keyword args?