View all functions exported in a package

Suppose I want to see all functions exported (& not exported) in a package, how can I do this?

Suppose I load two packages which include a function train w/ the same, how can I compare all functions side by side to quickly see which have the same names?

Try names(module_name) :

help?> names
search: names fieldnames propertynames nameof NamedTuple dirname tempname fullname basename fieldname gethostname

  names(x::Module; all::Bool = false, imported::Bool = false)

  Get an array of the names exported by a Module, excluding deprecated names. If all is true, then the list also
  includes non-exported names defined in the module, deprecated names, and compiler-generated names. If imported is
  true, then names explicitly imported from other modules are also included.
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@rdeits thanks!
names(module_name) gives all stuff: functions/types/macros etc
This is great.