Get url of package

I have the name of a registered package and I want to get its url. Currently I use the following hack:

function url(pkg)
    path = joinpath(Pkg.dir(), "METADATA", pkg, "url")

is there a better way?

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What is the issue with this solution? I used the same code to retrieve the URL:

and plot data for all registered packages:

Pkg.Read.url does pretty much exactly that


My function

  • felt like something that is probably already implemented somewhere
  • uses implementation details of the package manager

I think Pkg.Read.url does not exist in Julia v1.6…

That is a correct observation. This question and answer is almost four years old and were given for an obsolete major version of Julia, probably 0.5, and the package manager was completely rewritten for Julia 1.0.

If you have a question it is better to start a new post rather than reviving a years old thread.