Get url of a package

In this thread, Get url of package, the way of getting url of a package is provided.
However, the way cannot be used for Julia 1.x because of package manager change.
Is there a good way to get url of a package for Julia 1.x?

I don’t think that this is exposed by the Registry API, but perhaps you can parse the relevant Package.toml file in the registry.

But why do you need this?

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Thank you.

But why do you need this?

I want to access the package repo from REPL sometimes. Maybe not only me: More hyperlinks · Issue #5509 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub

Need to get the origin of the package for License compliance book-keeping. Anyone have an idea on how to easily pull the repo’s URL from the package info?

Do you need it to be done in the REPL? It probably would be easier to do via JuliaHub

You can get the license and more information about a package with PackageAnalyzer.jl, but the entry point is looking up the registry. It’s a TOML file and there is a TOML parser in Julia, that’s all what you need.


Ok. I got it to work. Thank you.