Get SHIFT + ENTER run line on md files in VSCode

I am in a project where text (markdown) matters more than code and I would like to work directly on the markdown file, so I can have its preview on the side.
But I would also like to run Julia code that I put in blocks, line by line as I would do on a standard Julia file.
I just discovered that CTRL+ENTER works, but the prompt remains on the same line.
How can I get also SHIFT+ENTER (that goes automatically to the next line) working ?

VSCode recognizes blocks of code:

## Section 1


## Section 2



println("Nice to meet you!")

You can press Alt+Shift+Enter if I am not mistaken to execute a section and move to the next.

Yes, it works (block per block), thanks.
A pity the shortland for “run the line and move to the next one” is not active…